1. Sourcing of suppliers in China.
  2. Factory selection
  3. Factory Inspection
  4. Direct Negotiation
    • Production and delivery times
    • Thecnical Details
    • Payment Terms
  5. Specialized Inspection
    • Production Inspection
    • End of production inspection
    • Shipment Inspections
  6. Logistics Cordination
    • Production and delivery time
    • Legal documentation for importation of the product to the final destination. (According to the client’s specifications)
    • Arrangement of shipping via sea/air/land
    • Track of the shipment until arrival to final destination

    *To keep track and have a good control in all of our services we have weekly meetings with our clients and we keep control of the process of purchasing and generating reports of the activities.

    In additional to this, count with our installations to receive information samples and have meetings with your suppliers in Shanghai. Representation not only includes this, we always keep you updated on everything thats in regard of your product. From this point on, a percentage is stablished for all future purchases of the same product. All the services mentioned before are included.

    ”We work with you and for you”