Preguntas Frequentes

1.- What is the payment mode?

The payment mode varies according to the incoterm, EX-WORKS, FOB, CIF, DOOR-TO-DOOR. Generally, there is an initial down payment through a TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer) to begin production and the remaining balance against copy of shipping documents. This does not necessarily include the shipping costs. Depending on the agreement, the balance can be paid either by a second TT or by LC (Letter of Credit) which has to be issued by a well known bank and pre-approved by the supplier. If it is DDP (Duty and Delivery Paid) then the down payment conditions change to 30% or more to begin production and the remaining balance when the goods are delivered. (When goods are going to be taken out of the Factory)

2) What is the approximate transit time by sea from China?

The transit time mainly varies according to the destination and the shipping port. The most important ports in China are Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin and H.K. It takes on average around 20 days to arrive to the U.S. and Mexico on the Pacific Ocean side, 30 days to Central America and 40 days to Brazil. Upto 45 days to Venezuela

3) What is an incoterm?

Incoterms or international commercial terms are a series of international sales terms, published by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and widely used in international commercial transactions. They are used to divide transaction costs and responsibilities between buyer and seller and reflect state-of-the-art transportation practices. The most common are FOB, CF, CIF, DDU and DDP.

4) What does FOB means?

FOB means Free on Board. Most of the suppliers around the world sell like this. The supplier will be responsible for ground transportation and export procedure upto the loading of the cargo onto the vessel. Additionally, in China, many suppliers also sell Ex-Works, which means that they’ll deliver the products at their factory, then the buyer should take care of the local transportation and the export procedures and costs.

5) What does CIF means?

CIF means Cost and Freight Insurance. Include all costs up to destination port.

6) What currency do you work with?

In China all of the exporting suppliers work with U.S. dollars and EUROS.

7) Can you help us get a Chinese Visa?

Yes, we can provide an invitation letter to the Chinese Embassy in your country.

8) Do you offer insurance when you ship goods?

Yes, we will arrange this service with the freight forward and/or shipping company of your preference.

9) Which shipping carrier do you work with?

We have a service track record with several freight forward and shipping companies, the most important ones; usually we select each shipment according to their routes and service. However, we can work with other shipping companies but cannot guarantee same costs, service quality and time schedules. The most common ones to Latin America are Maersk, APL and CSAV.

10) Can you ship me a production sample for my reference and review?

Yes, we can consolidate the samples in our office and send to your office/ company for your review via express courier, sea or air freight, whichever method preferred and selected by the client.

11) Are the suppliers you work with audited before order placement?

Yes. All the suppliers we worked must go through our factory auditing process.

12) Are you able to prepare an invoice?

Yes, we can consolidate goods and send a single invoice under GADTCO. This will reduce your costs when importing the goods into your country.

13) What is MOQ?

MOQ means Minimum Order Quantity and varies from supplier to supplier, according to the goods.

14) What is production lead time?

Time it take for production to begin and finish. The production lead time varies from supplier to supplier, depending on the volume, demand and type of goods.

15) Do you provide After-Sale-Service?

Yes, one of our main principles is long term customer relationship before, during and especially after the product have manufactured and delivered. We will work together with you so the supplier provides the client also with after sales service previously discussed and agreed upon by both client and supplier.

16) When we buy from China are we legally protected?

It depends mainly on how you buy. If you do it through our company, we will sign or stamp (is more common here in China) a contract or PI where we will state all the delivery terms and payment conditions of the goods. We will do this under our Representative Office (RO) in China; therefore if any problem arises with a supplier, we can hire attorneys and proceed legally against them. If the conditions are clearly stated beforehand it is very unlikely this will happen.

17) How many cubic meters has a 20"/40"/40"HQ container?

A 20" container measures 589x235x239cm (LxWxH) and can fit 33.2 cbm (cubic meters), A 40" container measures 1203x235x239cm and can fit 67.7 cbm, Finally a 40"HQ (High Quantity) container measures 1203x235x269 and can fit 76.4 cbm.