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Welcome to GADTCO!

GADTCO was created to meet the rapidly growing needs of foreign businesses in the chinese market. In order to provide the highest level of service, our offices are located in Hong Kong and Shanghai, considered the most important cities for accessing the best financial, commercial, technological and R&D resources in China. GADTCO your complete solution of supplies from China.



Our main strength is our ability to assist our clients to reach their business objectives in China. This requires masterful communication skills based on a thorough understanding of language and cultural differences.We are dedicated to interacting with Chinese suppliers and agencies to find the best solution to any scenario, across a wide spectrum of industries. Our team of elite Chinese negotiators are experienced in product and company sourcing, guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of our services. While our multilingual (Arabic-Chinese-English-French-Spanish) customer relations team are dedicated to understand your needs 24/7.

For more than one decade the words China and economic miracle have been inseparable. In GADTCO we see a truly astronomical potential for the next ten years, and we are proud to assist our clients to obtain the maximum benefit that China offers and will offer in the near future.